Still Lights Collection by Fabrica


From Fabrica:

From the 19th of July to the 21st of October 2012, as part of the Dutch Design Week, Fabrica, the communication research center of the Benetton Group, will be at &Foam in Amsterdam with Still Lights, a collection of 8 pieces drawing inspiration from the fundamental principles of photography. The exhibition is sponsored by United Colors of Benetton and Foam.

Each project, which can be a piece of furniture, an object or an installation, is composed of three elements: a frame, a subject and a light source. Delving into the technical world of photography, these projects touch on filtering, reflection, balance and projection to create a series of surrealistic pieces that situate themselves somewhere between a still life image and an object. Each member of the international team of young designers hosted at Fabrica will cast light on the subject, composing an image referencing personal and local culture.

Among the projects, Light Drawer, a commode with a light structure embedded within the drawer: the behavior of the light mimics the movement of the drawer, sliding and illuminating the illustrated paper within; Ongoing Table, a central table that generates its interactive table-top pattern depending on the actions and environment that surround the piece, creating a dialogue between content and context; On Display, a wooden cabinet with laser cut metal doors. Camouflaged in an optical illusion behind the doors, there is a collection of 12 plates that, when the cabinet is closed, create a mysteriously sober still life scene. When the doors open, a new perspective is revealed.

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