Special Spoons by Ineke Hans


“Special spoons come as a joint item with a bit of DIY involved, but are helping hands with tapas and pickle problems.

Five spoons for different uses:
- a tiny spoon for things you like to use carefully: sambal, chili, horseradish, wasabi
- a pointy fork for finally getting gurkins out of a jar
- a perforated spoon to fish for olives and small onions (dutch ‘zilveruitjes’)
- a spoon for getting mayonaise from pots and to spread tapenades
- a scoop for scooping jams, chutneys and moes

Each special spoon has a little step at the back of the handles that allows the spoon to balance on the rims of jars and not to drown in a pot.” inekehans.com


Spicy Spoon


Olive Spoon


Pickle Fork


Toast Spreader

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