Special Edition Hand Painted Vases by Jaime Hayon

From BD Barcelona Design:

To celebrate its 40th birthday, BD launches a limited-edition collection of 40 vases hand painted by Jaime Hayon (1972/2012).

In terms of design history of the past 40 years, BD Barcelona Design has been a pioneer in many ways. Well before ‘design-art’ was talked about, this Spanish company had already produced pieces by artists of the calibre of Juan Gris and Salvador Dalí. The very concept has been part of its DNA since day one, continues to be a key element of its identity, and logically forms part of the company’s 40th birthday celebrations. The occasion will be commemorated with an exclusive, numbered collection of 40 vases from the Showtime collection, hand-painted by Jaime Hayon, an internationally acclaimed creator who has triumphantly bridged the worlds of art and design.

Showtime Vases – special edition: Glazed porcelain vases consisting of two parts and painted by hand in black enamel. The base of the vase is white. Size: Diameter 16cm, Height 48cm

Photos: Nienke Klunder, Eugeni Aguiló



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