Solo House by Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects

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From Solo Houses:

Solo Houses, signature houses

The concept followed by Solo Houses is full of enough new experiences to make any architecture enthusiast fantasize: 8 to 10 holiday homes with surface areas of 200 m2, designed by today’s most exciting young international pioneering architects, such as Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects, Mos Office, Didier Faustino and his practice Bureau des Mésarchitectures, Sou Fujimoto, Studio Mumbai, TNA (Takei-Nabeshima-Architects).

Solo Houses gives carte-blanche to each architect, a unique opportunity for them to express their creativity with the only limit being budgetary. Solo Houses revolutionizes the codes of the secondary home sector. A totally new way of working, equally fresh and enthusiastic, removed from the classical architect/sponsor relationship and closer to the commission than to real estate promotion. More than a second home, SH gives access to an unprecedented and unique architectural experience: the ultimate dream for the 21st century collector. The first Solo Houses collection is being developed in the Matarranya region, in the south of Catalonia, a blooming Spanish Tuscany 40 minutes from the seaside. Fully autonomous in terms of water and electricity, the only vis-à-vis being an infinite view of nature, SH villas launch a radically innovative vision for refined Robinson Crusoes on week-end escapades.

THE diary date: September 2011, the very first carte blanche given to the Chilean studio PEZO Von ELLRICHSHAUSEN ARCHITECTS, founded by Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen in Buenos Aires in 2001, set up in Concepcion (Chile) ten years ago. With one project after the other, the agency explores an unusual universe, constantly oscillating between art and architecture, renowned for continually focussing upon the small details giving a quality finish to each project. PVZÂ’s Chileans have received many prizes and international awards. They were recently appointed exhibition curator of the Chilean pavilion of the last Venice Architecture Biennale.

Their project SOLO HOUSES, located on the heights of Matarranya, in south Catalonia, Spain, proposes a villa that is totally open to the countryside, a cross between a patio and an observation post, whose heavy base acts as foundation. This hollowed- out concrete monolith, where interior and exterior become one, overhangs the natural setting, simply placed on a concrete podium which has been centrally hollowed-out, repeating antique atriums in a modern way, according to a double logic of verticality and horizontality.

Conceived as an anti-bunker, with a play on references, an improbable meeting between Pascal Haüsermann’s bubble house, Mies Van der Rohe’s Farnsworth house, or certain villas by Claude Parent, the PVZ studio ends up by proposing an incredibly unusual construction which rewrites all the codes of the modern holiday.

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