Solid Oak Furniture and Accessories by Denis Milovanov Workshop

From Denis Milovanov Workshop, a craft manufacturing workshop of landscape objects, sculptures and furniture of solid oak.

“I have chosen oak wood as a material because of the beauty of its texture, resistance to rot and temperature changes and because of huge log diameter, which allows handcrafters to work with huge forms. Also I enjoy the idea of reusing and recycling, that’s why all of the objects are handcrafted with carefully selected naturally dead or damaged trees.

I’m inspired by traditional art and architecture of Africa, its primitivism and brutality, and handcraft technologies of Pomeranian artists who live in Northern Russian regions. I traveled there in search of traditional technologies and after that I decided to create my first pieces of wood.

In the workshop we pay a lot of attention to materials we work with and keep using only natural substances in finishing our pieces. Some of our objects are being covered by oil in order to emphasize natural texture and protect the wood from destructive effects of external factors.” solid_oak_furniture_and_accessories_denis_milovanov_workshop_02







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