Solid Bike by Industry & Ti Cycles

Portland based Industry and Ti Cycles have created a titanium 3D printed bike and companion discovery app that communicates with the rider via a haptic handlebar.

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“Industry, in collaboration with Ti Cycles, announces the launch of Solid, the ultimate urban utility bike. This is a one-of-a-kind bicycle and digital experience designed to inspire everyday cycling. The ‘Discover My City’ mobile app highlights a curated set of city experiences and destinations from 5 key Portland influencers. It inspires people to explore the city with a seamless, distraction free, responsive riding experience. ‘We want people to look up, and immerse themselves in the lifestyle of riding. We crafted a bike that guides you without needing to look at your phone. We aim to inspire everyday cycling and we see an opportunity to redefine the category of urban biking,’ explains Oved Valadez, Co-Founder of Industry and Creative Director of Solid.

Solid Bike – Product Concept Solid is inspired by the diverse beauty and soul of Portland, OR. From the urban energy of East Burnside to the raw beauty of Forest Park, the Solid bike captures the essence of the city and the best of both worlds – hand-built craft and modern manufacturing. Leveraging Ti Cycles’ 25 years of working with titanium, Industry utilized their signature ‘Super Commuter’ platform. The criteria for this platform is a titanium frame and sub-assemblies for its light weight and strong properties, belt drive for high durability, internal geared hub for effortless shifting, disc brakes, Dynamo for electronics, fenders, and internal wiring. Industry redefined the bike gesture by pushing the boundaries of the material and frame design. In order to make it truly seamless they 3D-printed key parts in collaboration with i3DMFG, and brought together old and new techniques. This is the bike redefined.

Solid ‘Discover My City’ – Digital Experience Solid is a lifestyle bike. With that in mind, Industry created a Discover My City companion app that allows riders to discover the city through 5 curated journeys. Whether riders want to experience Portland’s diverse forested terrain or ride in the city – this app guides riders to enjoy the diverse beauty of Portland. The app communicates with the bike to navigate.

Industry brought together key influencers outside of the cycling industry to share their perspectives on what to see, ride, eat, shop and hear to truly experience Portland.

INFLUENCERS: Tinker Hatfield, Nike Design Icon (SEE) Sam Adams, Former Mayor of Portland and Bike Advocate (RIDE) Duane Sorensen, Restaurateur and Founder of Stumptown Coffee (EAT) Sarah Radcliffe, Style Curator and Owner of Yo Vintage! (SHOP) Theo Craig, Musician and Promoter (HEAR)

SOLID Bike – Features MODERN • Lightweight 3D-printed titanium frame and sub-assemblies • 3D-printed titanium handlebars (inspired by Ti Cycle’s Double S handle bar geometry) • Panaracer Pacenti Pari-Moto 650B road tires • Matte black Ti Cycles carbon clincher 650B rims • Gates carbon belt drive system • TRP HY/RD hydraulic disc brakes

HAND-BUILT • Tig welded by master titanium expert Ti Cycles • Titanium finish with bead blasted Solid branded texture details • Custom black Brooks Cambium seat • Custom Ti Cycles handmade titanium seatpost • Custom Ti Cycles bottom brackets • Custom Ti Cycles monostay • Custom Ti Cycles belt break

INTEGRATED • Haptic handlebar feedback provides low distraction, heads-up guidance • Electronic shifters integrated within handlebar • Shimano Alfine Di2 11-speed rear hub

ADAPTIVE • Light On! DynoLight with custom bezel and self-regulating light sensors • Detachable rack with integrated ABUS lock and strapping system (light pipe to channel light)

SMART • Embedded GPS module for security • Biologic Dynamo self-charging electronic front hub (for electronics)

SEAMLESS • Integrated “Discover My City” smartphone app pairing via Bluetooth connectivity • 5 curated, guided journeys from local Portland influencers”,

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