Soft Chair by Maria Bruun

“Danish designer Maria Brun is to present her conceptual Soft Chair made from tubular steel and 300 meters of upholstered rope. The chair works in the cross field between textile and furniture design, creating a new inspiring conceptual furniture with elements from both worlds. The aim was to morph the soft qualities from the textile with the constructive qualities of the furniture.

Soft but angular. The inspiration for the Soft Chair came from an article that described textile as the logic of a soft space, and describes how architecture can advantage from morphing with textile. The basic furniture is created from tubular steel and creates the frame or the ‘skeleton’ of the chair. The application of the textile or the ‘skin’ creates a final soft but angular character that gives the chair a consistent and monolithic aesthetic.

The Soft Chair is a part of the exhibition ‘Meet my project’. Who through a selection of innovative objects in the world of textile, furniture and new technologies, we explore the secrets of their evolution from the initial concept to the final product, depending on the choice of each designer.” 1










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