Siruca Playing Cards by Fabrizio Schiavi

“The glyphs of Sirucaâ„¢ are designed as stencils with rounded terminals. The unusual position of the stroke interruptions helps in identifying each letter, number or pictogram.

Since Siruca has been very successful (and imitated) on the market, I decided to extend the principles behind its design to an unexplored area of application: the design of playing cards.

The graphics of playing cards, and especially of Italian ones, is a standard that goes back many centuries, as one might expect. A beautiful graphic vocabulary, with a richness of elements but with ergonomic limits:

1. To recognize each card, the paper of the frontmost card must not cover the card below for at least one half of its width 2. Unlike Poker cards, the Italian ones don’t report ranks and suits in the upper left corners 3. Through the centuries the design has lost its medieval atmosphere which would make it more attractive

Taking into account these design limitations I have proposed a more heraldic redesign concentrated in the top left, with a mirror at the bottom right. Ranks and suits are designed to increase the recognizability through the use of design methods derived from the study of signage systems: rank at the top of the card, and black, suit on the bottom and in colors. The deck of cards is now very ergonomic. The greatest comfort is in being able to move over the frontmost card very little to recognize the one below.” siruca_playing_cards_02



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3 thoughts on “Siruca Playing Cards by Fabrizio Schiavi

really incredible!!!
Cartas fantasticas para personas de mucho gusto, que reconosen la particularidad del design!!!
Veramente di super design come non si sono mai viste prima!!!

Queste carte sono stu pen de! E non c’è niente altro da aggiungere se non che quasi quasi è un peccato usarle per giocare. Bravo Fabrizio!!!!!

Davvero originali! Capaci di riproporci, in nuova veste, il gioco dei nostri nonni…quindi perchè non proporre ai nostri figli di spegnere TV e PS e di sederci, tutti insieme, to play cards? Con queste carte poi….che direbbe mai NO? Fabrizio…compliments!

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