She was here by Carlos Mate Studio

“Leafing through the pages of this book made out of objects, you are going to discover a character. You are not going to see any description, or any image of her, but nevertheless, she will always be present – she is in her furniture, her objects, those are her fingerprints. Her feelings are inside these objects and her tears fall down on them. She is the character from a script not yet finished, an open book of frozen moments that gives you the possibility of beginning to read or to make your own movie.

An imaginary character is coming closer through its fingerprints , from the details between the surfaces, to make references to feelings, like forgiveness, the passing of time and the futility of the intention. The project is a confusing game that through a variety of technics and strategies question aspects like perception , or the value between what we are expecting to see and what we are actually seeing. Furniture that show, apparently, the trace of use and the corrosion of time. We are interested by the change of evaluation experienced when discovering that they are actually detailed preparations, and that the materials used to elaborate them are not what they should be, in a kind of wink to the spectator. The wooden cracks are not real, they aré actually carefully drawn, the marks of use are carefully elaborated, apparently simple handles are in reality valuable elaborations. Stained fabric with drops of paint that are, in the end, tiny embroidery.

This work executes an archeological exercise the other way around, a fake process of aging that plays with our capacity to see. It’ s about defending the more handmade facet in design and art. It is about feigning ready made that adds to its conceptual weight the value of craft.” she_was_here_carlos_mate_studio_02







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