Sharetapes NFC Mixtapes

“With SHARETAPES you can physically hand or post someone your favourite online playlists from services like YouTube, Spotify, 8tracks and more – just like you could with cassette and vhs tapes before the digital revolution. Sharetapes revives the much loved ‘mix-tape’ with a modern twist for today’s smart phone and Internet connected population. It is now easier than ever to share your favourite playlists and connect with your friends. The cards arrive as blank tapes, ready to record by hitting ‘record’ at Once recorded its time to start sharing! If you receive a recorded Sharetape, simply tap the card against an NFC enabled smartphone (if you have a recent Android, Windows or Blackberry device), or scan the card using any QR code application (on all Smartphones, including iPhones). Alternatively, head to, type in your unique code and press play! Sharetapes enables you to share tailored content for specific occasions, If you’re looking woo that special someone, why not do it how John Cusack would have done it in the 80s? DJs, bands & Musicians are able to able order custom tapes to hand out at gigs, giving fans and promoters something to remember.” shartapes2

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