Shadowplay by Metalab and Photo Refinery


From Courtesy of the Artist:

Courtesy of the Artist (COTA) is a contemporary jewellery and object store in Sydney’s iconic Strand Arcade. Our showroom is stocked with an enticing mix of jewellery and objects, ranging from the limited edition to the one of a kind moment of artistic virtuosity. Each piece is handmade in the studio of some of Australia’s most innovative and collectable contemporary jewellery and object makers.

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Courtesy of the Artist website, Metalab presents ‘Shadowplay’, a creative collaboration between Metalab and Photo Refinery. ‘Shadowplay’ showcases a series of playful handshadow prints and contemporary jewellery.

Metalab commissioned the work of photography and retouching duo Zac Farrell and Isaac Toth of Photo Refinery to develop a creative approach to showcase their current jewellery collection.

Using the ‘art of shadowgraphy’ as inspiration, six creatures embellished in COTA jewels came to life. The ‘Shadowplay’ animals include a Bird, Deer, Elephant, Goat, Panther and Rabbit.

The six ‘Shadowplay’ prints are installed at Metalab gallery in Sydney, Australia from July – August 2012. The prints are for sale as part of a limited edition series. The corresponding jewellery as well as the custom designed and made frames titled “Frameless” are also available for sale.

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