Shade Lamp by Paul Cocksedge


“Paul Cocksedge has designed a new light for FLOS which we are excited to announce will be unveiled during the Salone [del Mobile Milan 2013]. From a distance it looks like an object that has floated in from the world of the surrealist René Magritte. Close by it gives off a soft and warm, diffused light that draws people into its welcoming circumference. The magic of Shade (working title – Flos to confirm final name) is achieved by avoiding the conventional way of using mains power from the ceiling, and with it intrusive fittings and flex. Instead, power derives from an LED floor fitting shining an uplight into the paper shade, which in turn is suspended from the ceiling with next-to-invisible, capillary-thin wires. Installed in a matter of minutes, Shade can be used as a centrepiece in a room or as an off-centre focus for corners and alcoves. Paul Cocksedge adds: “Shade started as a purely practical problem, how to rid ourselves the clutter usually connected to light fittings. The solution actually turned out quite mysterious, almost dream-like. It utilises floor and ceiling both, but appears unconnected to either…!” Photos: Marcello Bonfanti, Mark Cocksedge



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