Screw You Vase by David Graas


“Screw You is a collection of products reinterpreting the familiar PET bottle in unfamiliar ways.

Making clever use of the universal PET bottle screw top, the 3d printed Screw You connectors transform one or several PET bottles into a vase, a toy truck or a food container. Two other connectors integrate the PET bottle cap instead: the Screw You ring and bracelet.

Screw You is the first collection for the new Dutch design label Layers, focusing on 3d printed products with personality. Layers will continuously seek the outer limits of what 3d printing has to offer for product design: small scale production of clever products tailored to the needs and preferences of people. 3d printed on demand and close to the customer location. No more transport of products, but transport of data that is turned into a product by the 3d printer just around the corner. Your corner…

Screw You will be presented during the upcoming Dutch Design Week at the Dutch Design Freak presentation in the Best Western Art Hotel in Eindhoven.”





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  • […] ‘Screw You‘ is a line of creative 3D printed products created by Dutch design label ‘Layers‘. As part of their first collection of products, they have come up with this ‘connecter’-type design which makes clever use of the universal PET bottle screw tops to transform a set of 12 PET bottles into a beautiful vase. (Via MOCO Vote) […]

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