Sabbatical Cabinet by Mathew Little and Elliot Gorham


From Noddy Boffin:

In response to a modern lifestyle in which we are constantly connected to the Internet, social media and all other forms of digital communication, Mathew Little and Elliot Gorham developed the ‘Sabbatical Cabinet’ in hope to address the modern predicament of technology addiction. Whether that is constantly tweeting, checking your Facebook for updates or your email 30 times a day, there are many people who find it hard to go fifteen or more minutes without using their mobile phone for something.

“the feeling of getting a good text message or email on your phone is a little like the “hit” of ecstasy that a gambler gets when they hit. It’s the good feeling that causes some people to keep going – no matter how often they lose or how much spam they get and time they waste – until they get that good feeling again”. David Greenfield (Internet-related behaviors expert and a psychologist)

Very simply the ‘Sabbatical Cabinet’ is a small lockable cabinet in which to put your mobile phone, laptop, mouse, keyboard, tablet etc for a set period of time. The cabinet then acts as a secure separation from those objects by disallowing any access to those objects until the timer runs out. The uncompromising nature of the cabinet offers an uncompromising break from your devices, forcing upon you the time to catch up with family or a friend, read a book or just give yourself a break and relax. The cabinet can be set to a selective duration and can not be opened for that duration, In the event of an extreme emergency a mallet is provided to smash your way into the cabinet.

As 90%+ of the world’s population own mobile phones, the problem of balancing a healthy lifestyle is large and getting larger with every new gadget and gizmo. Our solution is as simple as locking it away.


Rock Maple: It is now recognised that while some carbon is released when a tree is harvested, carbon remains stored in the timber used in buildings and wood products.

Laminam: Laminam is a unique 3mm ceramic material with a weight of less than 8 kg per sqm made using the latest Italian ceramic technology. Suitable for both interior and exterior application. Laminam is a totally natural product. It does not release any substances into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other manufacturing processes.

Clockwork lock: The clockwork lock has been cobbled together use a restored clock mechanism and fabricated parts made from brass, steel and aluminum all materials are easily recycled. Through this means we are able to give a new life to a once discarded mechanical object.

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