R&R Chairs by Vanja Bazdulj


From Vanja Bazdulj (images: Matjaz Tancic):

Rough&Ready seating morphology

Rough & Ready is an experimental furniture morphology inspired by exploring the potentials of the imperfect, human, unpredictable, the unfinished ‘finish’ look aesthetics and independence in work process (‘I don’t need no Fancy tools’).  Object designs are focused on exploring ambiguous forms, materials out of context and a playful approach to making.  All material is prepared by hand, making  each piece a unique version.

Industrial wool pressed felt is reinforced by rubber, creating not only functional elements but playing with aesthetics of the pieces. Tailored cured sheets of different densities wool felt are assembled and tightened into place with rope, forming seating elements. 
All Rough&Ready models can be altered according to client wishes and needs, be it in scale or colors.

R&R Chairs by Vanja Bazdulj will be on display at Ventura Lambrate with Designersblock during Milan Design Week 2011.

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