Ripple Light by Poetic Lab for Lobmeyr

“London based studio Poetic Lab designed a moving light collection called Ripple for prestigious Austrian crystal brand Lobmeyr after almost a year of intense collaboration. They are launching this lighting collection in Milan this week at Spazio Rosana Orlandi.

Ripple is a moving light piece that express the beauty of glass and celebrates it’s making process. Each set of Ripple contains a large rotating dome and a smaller dome which holds the light source. A focus beam of light projects from the smaller dome, goes all the way through the mouth-blown, unevenly shaped glass dome which is gently rotating and creates shadow and light in an ever-changing moving ripple pattern, where the aesthetic goes beyond the material itself.

The starting point of Ripple was a combination of emotional encounter with light and a material experiment. We want to capture the nature beauty of light created by water refraction and recreate the beauty in a domestic environment. While we accidentally encountered the blowing process of crystal glass, we were instantly mesmerised by its beauty and realise that is the solution. We work closely with the craftsmen, experimenting with the relationship of blowing process, the shape and the light pattern.

The glass blowing process forms a mysterious transparent bubble, almost as if the time and memory was frozen in that moment. In the end of the process we cast a bit of magic to bring this frozen moment back to life again, the projected dancing ripple pattern celebrates not only this transparent material but the true essence of light.”




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2 thoughts on “Ripple Light by Poetic Lab for Lobmeyr

Pouvez vous me téléphoner au + 41 79 200 95 31, suis decoratrice a Genève et veut faire un lustre avec le modèle ripple ,au – dessus d1table de salle a manger

July 9, 2014 Olislager Sébastien

Bonjour j habite en belgique et je voudrais me procurer une lampe ripple…comment puis-je faire? Avez-vous des distributeurs dans mon pays? Merci

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