Residential building Zug Schleife by Valerio Olgiati

“Seen from a distance the floor plates projecting from the facade with their elliptical openings look like flying carpets with ornamental borders. For the residents these elliptical openings generate a sense of distance, since they prevent neighbours from seeing into each other’s apartments. At the same time the correspondence between each of these round forms and the individual apartments gives residents a feeling of living alone in a centre. The perception of space changes according to the point of view and the position of the sun.

The apartment floor plans are divided into a living area in the west and a sleeping and working area in the east, with bathrooms and wardrobes in between. In spatial terms the balconies form an extension of the living room. This impression is further strengthened by the large elliptical openings.

The exposed concrete structure is made of red-brown concrete poured in situ. The outer walls are clad with glass panels in the same colour. They appear fragile and light and contrast with the solid concrete structure. The use of the same colour for the cladding and the reflections in the glass blur the clear contours of the heated volume. As a result the elemental appearance of the stone construction is amplified.

DATA Object: residential Location: Feldpark 8 – 20, Zug, Switzerland Competition: 1. prize, 2006 Client: Consortium ZugSchleife; Peikert-Immobilien AG and 4B Immobilien AG Architect: VALERIO OLGIATI, architect Collaborators, project team: Aldo Duelli (project manager office Olgiati), David Bellasi, Liviu Vasiu, Jonas Ulmer, Sara Wiedenbeck Total contractor: Toneatti AG and dima&partner AG Structural engineer: Patrick Gartmann, Conzett Bronzini Gartmann AG, Chur Materials: red in-situ concrete, glass Begin of planing: 2007 begin of construction: july 2010 End of construction: april 2012 Volume: 65’300 m3 (SIA 416) Area: 13`100 m2 Copyrights plans: Archive Olgiati Copyrights photos: Javier Miguel Verme” residential_building_zug_schleife_valerio_olgiati_02














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