Redo-me Furniture System by ParedesPino


From Redo-me:

Redo-me® is the result of a precise and innovative design that responds to an existing need: the variability and transformability of furniture over your own life with the same pieces.

The system consists of three different pieces, grouped in S, M or L kits, that can be mounted in many different configurations. Parts are assembled without any glue, using a extensible rod system that allows any number of mounting and dismounting cycles.

A convertible furniture that can be expanded, divided, extended or reconfigured. Just sort the pieces in a different way to get a new piece of furniture. A furniture system that fits your needs, produced in transparent or translucent plexiglass and birch plywood finished with high pressure laminates.

Redo-me® is composed of versatile pieces that offer endless possibilities. Many are already listed on the website of the product, but there are many others yet to discover. It is therefore an open project, which encourages its users to discover new mounting configurations.

redo-me® is available in:
20mm thick transparent or translucent plexiglass.
21mm thick birch plywood finished in Formica high pressure laminates and wax hand-finished edges.

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