Ramus M1 (Module Number 01) Table/Desk by Design Studio Il Hoon Roh

“Design Studio IL HOON ROH will present the first module of the Ramus series M1 (“Ramus M1”) to the public for the first time at the Salone Satellite 2013.

“Ramus”, which means “tree branch” in Latin, originated from an idea that was first introduced in D Light at the Salone Satellite in 2011.

The Ramus M1 is an architectural sculpture piece which combines the strengths of carbon fibre together with the structural advantages that can be found in the branch of a tree, maximising its structural strength capacity.

Ramus M1 is the latest development and creation in the designer’s long-term study of efficient forms found in nature and his passion to design works with an architectural concept and through a “natural” method that maximises the material’s potential.

Ramus M1 is made of carbon fibre, which is also used in fighter jets, F1 cars and space shuttles. Precision-engineered aircraft grade aluminium alloy and stainless steel components were also utilised.

Ramus M1 has been developed as a part of a modular system with future expansion and modification of the design in mind.

The Ramus M1 project was an international collaboration. For over two years, the designer collaborated with an Italian mathematics/software company, TSI s.r.l., to calculate optimum overall geometry, a UK manufacturing company, Penta Patterns (which is also involved in manufacturing McLaren F1 cars), to create a master pattern by using advanced CNC technology, and a South Korean composite material specialist, Inno Comtech, for carbon fibre.

The project was also supported by South Korea’s Ministry of Culture’s Next Generation Design Leader program.” Ramus_M1_7076_S










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2 thoughts on “Ramus M1 (Module Number 01) Table/Desk by Design Studio Il Hoon Roh

Fabulous furniture!!!

I had left pretty long comments here a few days ago and I was told it is undergoing a certain procedure to get it published. But, it seems that there was an error when a webmaster manage here. I hope this comes out unlike before.
When I first came across this table, it occurred to me that the blueprint must have been come up with by a certain person who majored in or at least has a huge interest on chemistry. it was before I decided to read through the whole description the producer had written. I scrolled up to the first sentence right away and whipped through for seconds in order to identify who are in charge of this. Like I expected, this team has a lot to do with it. Well, I think I am kind of rambling and about to lost track of what I have wanted to mention.
I should say that this reflects current trend faithfully. So called, “Simplicity” But as long as I felt through most of products listed here, they weren’t integrated with the notion I have mentioned above harmoniously. I am sorry for them but I am writing this on objective point of view. On the other hand, this has proved that how science can be reproduced and blossomed by people.
If I were joining as a member of evaluators of this competition and playing an important role which can influence generally, then I would definitely award this team a gold medal to reward for their labors. They deserve it. After that, I would take a series of measure to make people open up their wallets drastically. Such as, rounding up a few investors and convince them to spend money on it. then, I would put an effective, thought-provoking commercial on it being intended for certain groups of people who desire to switch a stagnant atmosphere of their places in an opposite way. Lastly, I hope you all take credits for it. Good luck

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