Racconto Plurale Shelving by Sara Bergando

“Racconto Plurale, a modular&multimedia bookshelf dedicated to Canone Letterario Europeo, «an essential selection of books and authors, with the aim of creating a formative tool for future young Europeans,…» in an emotional and aesthetical dialogue between paper support and technological ones.

Books, seemingly outranked by technologic evolution that prefers digital formats, actually continue to stand for memory and culture. Design by Sara Bergando, in collaboration with Mobili in Stile Loro and Marchea, Racconto Plurale aims to collect literary cultural essence of European Union and host stories from the most important authors of continental tradition, in an emotional and aesthetical dialogue between paper support and technological ones, in a space thought to hold and interact multimedia devices. Carrie out during the project “Casa Europa – Euro decennial seen from veneto craftsmen” through different material and processing, the project would be an expression of their pluralism thanks to it’s flexible and widely customizable structure. Starting from the original circular configuration named “Casa- Europa”, which reminds metaphorically culture continuity and physically recalls a coin made of 17 parts – the number of countries in the Eurozone -, the modular structure allows different solutions and various combinations.

Using two materials, wood and iron, symbolizes properly the two opposite suggestions: emotional/analog books, rational/digital multimedia. Raw materials and surface processing are environmental friendly thanks to “Design for Disassembly” approach.

The connexions which culture creates between different readers generations and different countries are the most important value among those communicated by this product. Racconto plurale would be an expression of their pluralism, thanks to it’s flexible and continuous structure. The bookshelf wants to keep a strong connections between books and ebook-readers, as between tradition and innovation, as craft and design, besides a constant interaction between opposite spheres.” raccontoplurale_bookshef_1








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