R-Kaid-42 Two-player Arcade System by Love Hultén

“R-Kaid-42 (that’s Arcade for two) is passion for classic gaming. It´s a complete two-player arcade system hiding inside a minimalistic wooden box. This elegant MAME machine is divided into four segments. The detachable segments are all made from solid walnut. First up, a small console (18x18x5cm) hosting a small PC setup. On top of it rests two chargeable wireless joystick pads and a mid segment containing all necessary accessories needed. The detachable joystick shafts in solid brass are screwed into the joystick pads in a matter of seconds with a little help from the custom made screwdriver. But it has other very unique features as well.

When not in use, this machine is conveniently assembled into an eye catching artifact. This is possible due to a construction of well hidden magnets inside the separate segments. The small form factor of the R-Kaid-42 gives you a large variety of interior options. Place it anywhere, on the floor, the tv bench or in a bookshelf maybe.

When turned on, the console instantly boots into an arcade interface with over 20,000 game titles from different classic systems. Work yourself through the menus with the joystick pads, there is no mouse or keyboard needed. The joystick pads themselves are charged by the uSB ports on back of the console.

With few I/O options, the PC-console is very minimalistic. On the back of it you´ll find line-out, VGA, 2x USB and a DC socket.” a2








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