Pressed by Floris Wubben

“The items created with the ‘pressing-machine’ emphasize the meaning of human actions in creating objects. The choice to extrude profiles and the way one moves the presser has a huge influence on the esthetical appearance of the final artifact. With the project Pressed method, humans and machines are working together in harmony; they need each other in order to create objects. Due to this distinctive craftsmanship, each unique object can be seen as a combination of mechanical production and handmade artifacts.

During the manufacturing process the epoxy-clay is pressed through the extrusion profiles. As a result, machine and human behavior will not only define the product’s shape but also its tint. Combinations of the extrusion profiles are endless; therefore there are also an enormous variety of exclusive objects. Moreover, it is a long-lasting material. The pressed Project facilitates a short and fast manufacturing process from ‘semi-manufactured goods’ into a finalized product.” 1.  machine_a

2.  machine_b

3.  machine_c

4.  machine_e

5.  machine_f

6. machine_g

7.  dry mould_a

8.  dry mould_b

9.  dry mould_c

10.  product_a

11.  product_b

12.  product_c

13.  product_d

14.  product_e

15.  product_f

16.  product_g

17.  product_h

18.  product_all

19.  Floris Wubben

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One thought on “Pressed by Floris Wubben

Love this work. Very sensual.

B. Fierro

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