Presence Of Voids: Excavating Space by rzlbd

“Where we are is where things are not. We inhabit the blankness, and we observe the limitations. We allow the presence of physique distract us from our own imagination. We welcome their dictatorship as they rule our ways of life. But let us all fly over the cuckoo’s nest and ‘be’ not the prisoners of objects. Let us embrace the imminent happenings in an empty space. Let us all gaze at where things are not and through the serenity of their nothingness find life as we know it, or as we want it. Let our imagination fly us high and show us peace and bring us life within the presence of voids.

‘Presence of Voids’ is an exhibition of architectural works by atelier rzlbd, an architecture that celebrates space by allowing it to happen. The exhibition is set up at atelier rzlbd in Bayview Village Shopping Centre in Toronto and will be open to public from January 5th to February 25th. (2014)” presence_of_voids_excavating_space_rzlbd_02




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