Polihedro Box by acquacalda

“Poliedro, box for everything an nothing

The box is the result of subtracting two even tetrahedra from a cube. The subtracted tetrahedrons do not directly and respectively derived from four of the cube’s eight vertexes, (V4, V1, V3, V5 and V7, V2, V6, V8) but three of them (V’1, V’3, V’5, and V’2, V’6, V’8) are positioned along the three edges of the cube in a symmetrical way and at an appropriately calculated distance from the fourth vertex (V4 and V7) in order to obtain an opening and a base dimensionally appropriate and functional. The two portions subtracted from the cube are symmetrical. Thanks to its rotational asymmetries, the solid obtained changes shape and function if differently oriented with respect to the three axes (a, b, c). The shape of the body obtained in this way makes the object easy to handle and to use. White glazed ceramic.”



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