Plié Collection by Gergely Kiss-Gál

“First furniture collection of Plié by Atelier experimental workshop debuts at TENT London (2013).

The Plié Collection gives the experience of creating a design object to the hand of the user, while every piece is made of individual and fresh tailoring with innovative new technology.

At TENT London, in Shapes of Hungary section debuts the four-piece furniture collection and the new manufacturing technology of Plié by Atelier workshop. Founded in 2012 and lead by Gergely Kiss-Gál Hungarian architect and designer, the workshop developed a traditional joint-free, plywood and felt or rubber based multilayered technology. Pieces of the first collection use the qualities of this innovation to create flexible but stable furniture with fresh tailor-made form. Plié Collection combines the craftsmanship of tailoring with manufacturing furniture. The mission is to show how to fold your furniture with fashion in wood.

Plié by Atelier will also exhibit the Pouf Plié piece of the Plié Collection at Budapest Design Week 2013 in collaboration with Edit Szabo Design at Art IX XI Gallery. In their conceptual installation, called the Strange Loop, the two designers explore the hidden and tactile connections between their seemingly different design objects.”











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5 thoughts on “Plié Collection by Gergely Kiss-Gál


This looks like something that a beginner could do so kudos to your idea.

January 3, 2014 Carol willoughby Reply

How durable is the bond between the plywood and the inner layer?
Will the inner layer be resistant to folding and unfolding? If it is rubber won’t it perish eventually?

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