Playable Scent Diffuser by Fen Ju Lin

“These three playable and portable scent diffusers designed by Taiwanese designer Fen Ju Lin are SERENE HOUSE’s newest products which lead people to enjoy a new experience of scent. The collection is now in production.

Pirouette Can you imagine how fun it would be to play with scent? Pirouette is the product more than your expectation. The idea of Pirouette is to create a playful interaction between you and scent. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the white scent stone and spin the Pirouette to disperse greater denseness of scent whenever you choose. The handle made by beech also provides users a warm and tactile experience. This interaction of scents, Pirouette and you can improve your emotional satisfaction. This is a whole new experience that makes you feel fresh and enjoyable. Put it on your table and spin it for better breathing atmosphere!

Diamond Diamonds and chocolate, the sources of inspiration for this innovative product, allude to the luxury of our fragrance collection and the sweet, comforting scents it harbors. Diamond is a unique scent holder. Made from a particularly dense type of porcelain, it can be broken into pieces just like a chocolate bar. Add the soothing scent of essential oil to the beautiful diamond shape. It will look and smell gorgeous and reflect the beauty, sweetness and comfort of a great relationship. Share Diamond with your friends, just like you always do with chocolates.

Yoyo Yoyo is a new way of wearing perfume. If you are allergic to certain perfumes or do not like to apply fragrances directly onto your skin. The new pocketable scent holder could be the perfect solution for you. No bigger than 7 cm in diameter, the beautifully crafted Yoyo can be carried in any handbag, pocket, suitcase or simply be placed beside you on the table when you are working. It’s exceptionally easy to use: The luxurious Yoyo case carries a replaceable stone. Add some drops of essential oil onto the stone (alternatively, add your favorite perfume onto it) close the case and you are ready to go. Its organic shape is smooth to hold and comfortable to carry in the pocket. Simply rotate the lid of the case to let the scent emanate right when you most want it.”

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