Play Light by Óscar Rubio

“Óscar Rubio is the creator of Tangible, a study oriented in product design. Play light is his new project, which is basically a series of lamps made of aluminum sheets and poplar wood, designed to illuminate, create various atmospheres, to communicate and play. The three objects have the same design, shape and dimensions, and the same pattern of round holes. The light passes through the grid in such a way that we can create different shapes plugging the holes with the pins. Play Light is not satisfied having just the function, usually given to any lamp, but wants to be much more. It wants to be a channel of communication.” 54









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3 thoughts on “Play Light by Óscar Rubio

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April 19, 2013 María Jesús Mir Valencia

Lámparas originales, con buenos acabados, sencillas para cualquier espacio. Acogedoras y con la característica peculiar de poder dejar mensajes en ellas.
Enhorabuena !!!!!!

I am with the branding/design agency, Wilson, located in Dayton, OH. We are rebranding ourselves, and redesigning our office space. We are very interested in utilizing your Play Lights and were wondering if they are available for purchase in the US?

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