Pieke Bergmans: Freeze the moment Retrospective


Designer Pieke Bergmans invites us to Freeze the moment for an upcoming retrospective of her work at the Het Noordrabants Museum from August 22, 2014 to January 11, 2015.


Cast bronze meets mouth-blown crystal when Studio Job collaborates with Pieke Bergmans in Milan

“Bergmans is fascinated by movement and the shapes that arise from it. She is amazed at how many materials are squeezed into straitjackets, with no room for the natural characteristics of the material to shine out. Characteristic of Bergman’s work method is her close study of existing production processes that she then manipulates and reworks. Using this approach she gives the material room to choose its own way.”


Giant, soft, elastic monster seating by Bergmans, also in Milan

Bergmans literally offers us an opportunity to click and freeze an animated moment on the exhibition’s website at freeze-the-moment.nl.

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