Perspectives Mirrors by Studio Atùppertù

“Commissioned by MAXXI, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo for the exhibition Design Destinations, Perspectives is a project by Studio Gionata Gatto, investigating the role played by perspective on light diffusion. A 2w LED light, mounted between an assembly of regular and one-way mirrors, was used to produce a first series of mirrors in which the light effect is amplified along different vanishing points. Used when the light is off, each mirror works as a regular reflective surface, thus fully mirroring the surrounding environment. As soon as the light is turned on, the one-way mirror becomes partially transparent, featuring an amplification of the light burning between the inner facing surfaces. In one of the two products the LED light, being reflected on a base composed of three converging mirrors, endlessly reproduces its mirrored effect towards three specular vanishing points. A one way mirrors in facts – when one of its sides is brightly lit and the other is kept dark – becomes easy to see-through from the darker side as light can better penetrate its surface.

‘From a more object-related perspective, I wanted to work on a collection mainly based on the joint use of four materials, which finally became brass, stainless steel and two different type of glass, mirrored and reflective. I thought that the light, bouncing between the different material colors would produce an interesting combination of reflection effects, possibly amplified by the slightly yellowish shade of the one-way mirrors.'” Photos: Gionata Gatto. perspectives_mirrors_studio_atuppertu_02











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