Pebblestone Soul Trainer by Studio Mango for Mojo Creations

“On Friday June 6, Mojo Creations will launch the first tactile tool for training the soul. Mojo Creations develops tangible designer fitness tools with technical features to train mind and soul. By training with full awareness the ‘mental muscles’ an overall feeling of contentment and joy can be realized. Its first product the Pebblestone trains gratitude, one of the most powerful emotions that are at the base of contentment and joy.

It is scientifically recognized that the mind is very powerful and controls the way people view themselves, their perceptions of the world and their feelings. By training people’s minds daily for an average of 10 weeks their habits and feelings can be changed making them more resilient, grateful, content, trusting, sensitive, secure, energetic and compassionate.

The Pebblestone

The first product to help transform people’s lives is the Pebblestone. This tactile designer tool helps to count their daily blessings, increasing their overall awareness so they can experience a higher level of gratitude, contentment and joy. The Pebblestone was inspired by The Science of Gratitude. Recently, scientists have begun to conduct research aimed at understanding the importance of gratitude and the findings are impressive.

People who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:

• stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure; • higher levels of positive emotions; • more joy, optimism and contentment; • more generosity and compassion; • less perceived loneliness and isolation;

The Pebblestone was developed as a token which can be carried around and whenever the user experiences a moment of gratitude (for example a hug from your kids) a small ritual can be performed with the Pebblestone to ‘register’ the passed grateful moment. When the Pebblestone is placed on its docking station it adds all the grateful moments of that day to the total “score”. In this way users become more aware of how many grateful moments they actually experience and it enables better options for reflection which can lead to the above mentioned benefits in both mental and physical health.

What makes the Pebblestone so special is that Mojo Creations has enriched it with simple coaching incentives to help people solidify the habit of practicing gratitude. It requires them to perform a small mindful ritual each time they wish to count a blessing. Next it helps them coach themselves by making their gratitude practice measurable. The Pebblestone tracks their gratitude practice within a 10-week timeframe and gives feedback on their performance.” pebblestone_soul_trainer_studio_mango_mojo_creations_2


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12 thoughts on “Pebblestone Soul Trainer by Studio Mango for Mojo Creations

Fantastic concept!

🙂 This product is totally inline with the greater good project of Berkeley. Curious how it works, but it sure looks lovely! Attractive. Concept is great!

    So funny you see the link! They pratically are responsible for the valuable insights of The Science Of Gratitude.

    Training our awareness, in this case for Gratitude has such a powerful impact on our mental and physical health.

    With our fitness tools for the soul, we hope to make awareness training more practical and measurable.

Great concept, even though I do think that in it’s very essence the Science of Gratitude is all about quality and not quantity of gratifying moments. Still, this fully plays into the quantifying me trend and thus can be a big hit. You should make an app for this as well, so people don’t have to carry around with a heavy pebble, but still can continue to register all moments. Great idea this!

    Hey Erwin,

    Thank you for your enthousiasm!
    However I would like to respond on your request for an app 🙂

    We very deliberately did NOT create an app. The Pebblestone is a tangible, lineair design object for a good reason. Touching and feeling and performing a small ritual with is how we want to provoke a mindful moment for our users.

    Having a token in your pocket, a pocket piece or ‘geluksmuntje’ as you might call it, is a universal used method to remind the user of an important value, in this case #gratitude

    Your mobile phone is a tool which is everything but mindful, packed with so many other distracting applications.

    Impact is only possible if you make use of multiple senses, vision, touch, movement AND if you can focus.

    Thank you again for your comment 🙂


Incredible. One might think that after 250.000 years Homo sapiens has invented everything by now.
But no, the species has come up with yet another interesting concept!

June 4, 2014 Roland Peralta

Love the concept and design! I think I just found that perfect xmas gift to give to all my loved ones this year!

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