Parametric and Mini-Kryptonite Jewelry by Hariri & Hariri


From Hariri & Hariri:

Hariri & Hariri for Atelier Swarovski’s Autumn/Winter 2012

Parametric Collection (Couture)

The new Couture collection continues with the exploration of rock & crystal formations and the relationship of nature and technology. Generated from the original Hariri & Hariri designed crystal it is called the PARAMETRIC collection because of its generative, digital & computer aided process of formation. There is no precise definition for parametric but there are other related terms and syn-onyms: generative, computational, digital, computer aided.

Mini-Kryptonite Collection (Pret A Porter)

The New Mini-Kryptonite Collection has the same superpower of the original Kryptonite collection but with a smaller size crystal. The collection was named Kyptonite (a fictional element from Superman mythos) because it gives one Superpower from its sheer size and design, it is almost super-natural!

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    Where can I get kryptonite jewelry in south africa

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