X Table by 5mm.

Kraków-based 5mm.‘s X Table is a simple geometric dining table. Details: The massive table top is made from solid oak wood and sits on…


Office Y03 by dontDIY

Completed while its owner was on a two-week vacation, this office renovation was a surprise gift on the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary….


ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

Toronto-based ecobee has introduced a smart thermostat with remote sensors to measure the entire house. Details: ecobee3 is third generation of ecobee’s line of…


Kinoya Restaurant by Jean de Lessard

The spirit, function and aesthetics of izakaya, Japanese taverns, informed the transformation of Kinoya, a restaurant inside a restaurant in Montreal. Details: Using fractal…


Narcisse Chair by NOCOD Studio

NOCOD Studio’s Narcisse (narcissist in French) has a mirror for a seat back. Details: The round seat back, covered with reflective metal sheet, can…

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