Repost @riba Past winner – Grillagh Water, Northern Ireland by Patrick Bradley Architects @pbarchitects RIBA members and International Fellows! Celebrate your latest work in the UK and enter the 2017 RIBA Awards for architecture! For 50 years the RIBA awards and prizes have championed and celebrated the best architecture in the UK and around the world, no matter the form, size or budget. Entries close on 28 February 2017. Enter your projects now via #architecture #design #home #shippingcontainer #irisharchitecture

By special request. “Stichting Project Laura and @Ahrend joined forces to make Laura Brussaard’s dream come true: the production of the De LAURA® club chair. A chair with a story behind it. Laura Brussaard was studying Product Design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. By the use of the contraceptive pill, she has suffered acute cardiac arrest as a result of a deep vein thrombosis, accompanied by a massive pulmonary embolism. Because of that reason, Laura died at the age of 17. The proceeds of the chair will go entirely to the foundation Stichting Project Laura. This foundation is dedicated to raising awareness around the use of the pill, and thereby increase the risk of thrombosis.” Ahrend @ahrend Read more on Picture via Ahrend Repost @wisse_design #projectlaura #furnitureforacause

Repost @ludovicaerobertopalomba “We believe content and container must have the same language. For this reason we have redesigned the individual element that defines the aesthetics of the traditional radiator. We have made it basic and elegant, endlessly modular and perfectly in line with contemporary spaces”. Ludovica ➕ Roberto Palomba for @tubesradiatori – #Soho #ludovicaserafini #robertopalomba #palombaserafini #radiators #bathroom #interiordesign

Repost @mckarchitects Very proud that our Upsilon project made the Architectureau Top Houses of 2016 list. Photo by @douglasfrostphoto #australianarchitecture #houses #architecture #sydneyarchitecture #mckarchitects #concrete #home

Repost @normarchitects Custom made black marble desk in the home of one of our partners, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. #menuworld #normarchitects

Repost @industrialfacility #futurefacility ’s integrated washing machine designed for the #Amazinapartment and on show from next thursday at London’s new #designmuseum #design #appliances

Repost @daniel_emma summer pick’n’mix ☀️ #design #table #color

Our choice for Best Of #CES, a “3D printer” that prints, mills, cuts and engraves! Repost @zmorph3d So, how does the image mapping and color blending works exactly? Your image is pasted around the object, so the 3D shape needs to be taken into account when preparing the 2D file. During printing, the DUAL PRO extruder switches and blends filaments based on a number of shades set up. Easy, right?

Repost @biggamedesign Our collection for 2016/Arita is launched – cooking pots & coffee set. #coffee #cooking #pots #biggamedesign #arita #porcelain #slipcasting

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