Ossa Storage Module by Geckeler Michels


Ossa is stackable storage made by CNC-folding metal sheets.


Details: Dimensioned for vinyls, books and folders, Ossa modules enable various combinations for home or office storage and sideboard solutions.


“The faceted trough on the modules upside offers a wide deposit surface in spirit of a vide-poche – in any combination, it turns out to be the key visual element.” says Geckeler Michels.


“The key theme of this years range of furnishings by Geckeler Michels is the idea of composing by decomposing – voids and new silhouettes are being created through intersections of geometrical forms. Compact volumes turn out to be surprisingly prolongated into thin, leaf-like extremities. This contrast between density and its unexpected dematerialisation within one product reveals to be the main factor which is sculpting the products in a somehow fragmentary yet consistent looking way. In other words, their products are distinguished by an attitude of pure precision with a sense of intuitive and ironic playfulness.”


Designers: Geckeler Michels is an industrial design studio founded in 2013 by David Geckeler and Frank Michels. Both designers met during their studies. Their common interest is the wider area of industrial design, focused on furniture, lighting, tableware and home accessories.


Source: Product photos by Haw-Lin Service, portrait by Amos Fricke.


David Geckeler and Frank Michels

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