OLTU Vegetable Storage by Fabio Molinas

“What is OLTU Are we sure we are storing our food properly? How many times have we thrown rotting vegetables away? Nowadays we are obsessed with storing everything in the fridge, but what few people know is that this is not always the best way to keep food fresh. Fruit and vegetables require a set of conditions which, according to their proportion, help to keep these products fresher for longer.

OLTU is like an organism that takes advantage of the heat produced from the back of a fridge, which in today’s fridges is wasted energy, and uses it to help to cool the “totem” of vegetables via cooling by evaporation. The heat rises and affects the double wall of the clay containers, which, with the help of the water contained between their walls, is able to lower the temperature thanks to the heat extracted from their interior, recreating the ideal atmosphere for the needs of each group of vegetables. This is also a sustainable product because, as part of its functioning does not depend on energy, costs are minimal and, most importantly, each item is kept fresher.

How it works The total fusion of containers and refrigerator, creates a new and more sustainable refrigeration system. With this type of storage, the different vegetables needs are satisfied. The fridge produces heat, which is distributed at the top through openings in the cap, affecting the three containers which are the heart of the piece. These are always wet, thanks to the water tank, which is connected to them with pipes, according to the principle of capillarity. Thus, the cold produced is always constant and the user only has to worry about filling the tank from time to time. Over terracotta containers, there are four trays, where the vegetables that require room temperature will be placed. These vegetables get hydrated with the humidity produced by the evaporation of the lower container.

The three containers are positioned so, that the heat affects them differently, to provide a certain inside temperature. The two cold containers are placed at the back, while the fresh one is placed at the front. Cold-dry container interior is made of metal, so the vegetables are cooled, but not affected by humidity. All the containers have external openings to allow breathing, and it is completely accessible for the user thanks to the revolving plane situated at the top.” oltu_vegetable_storage_fabio_molinas_02










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3 thoughts on “OLTU Vegetable Storage by Fabio Molinas

September 18, 2013 Vincent van den Brekel

Really like your product. If you need a distributor in the Netherlands, plese let me know.

K.R. Vincent

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