Olivogelo by Andy Martin Architects

“Andy Martin Architects were commissioned to design the interiors of Olivogelo ice-cream shop located in Belgravia, part of Olivo Restaurants and Shops Group. AMA was asked to create an aesthetic that reflected both the craft of ice cream making and that of the crafts that make up a large part of Sardinian culture, where the client originates. Having a confined space of just 17sqm AMA looked to use one wall as the focus, drawing the public into the space to discover the ice cream display. AMA designed 3D bespoke Ê»lickableʼ tiles with hints of colored flavours to cover this wall and then placed a reflective ceiling over everything to accentuate the colors. The wall tiles were produced in the north of England and were glazed by Lubna Chowdhary. Five tile types were prototyped and 450 tiles were then produced by slip casting. Each tile is 200 x 200mm and slightly different due to the firing process.” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





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