Nurture, the Living Fruit Basket by Hyunhee Hwang

Hyunhee Hwang‘s Nurture fruit basket is alive, the roots of the fruit forming the bowl with the edible fruit nestled inside.

Details: Nurture is a concept designed to fill the need for fresh fruit that doesn’t travel well, ie, difficult to transport due to fragility, has a short shelf life and/or issues with storage. A set of home kitchenware tools were also designed in order to maximize fresh consumption as well as preventing nutrition loss which can be up to 30%, often occurring during picking, washing, and drying of the fruits.

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“The ‘Nurture’ is a concept of living fruit basket for fresh nutrition consumption for health oriented consumers. This project began with a curiosity of the meaning of the term ‘fresh’ in the food industry. Based on the research, people highly attentive to a healthy diet tend to expect high quality nutrition from their fresh food consumption. In order to satisfy them with genuine health benefits from fresh produce, the Nurture suggests a daily harvest of Super fruits that are well-known for high nutritional value such as Acerola cherries, berries, and figs. However, they are difficult to transport due to fragility, have short shelf life and issues with storage.

The aim of Nurture is to provide the freshest nutrition consumption to fulfill the recommended daily allowance equivalent to health supplements in the most natural format. The fruits in Nurture is designed to be nestled within their own roots in the form of a basket in order to keep them alive and fresh efficiently till the time of consumption.

Consumers can buy them weekly, and nurture them with minimal moisturizing in order to ingest specific nutrient. Also, provided are kitchenware tools that are specially designed with instructions on preventing nutrition loss from the process of picking, washing, and drying of the fruits. In addition, it is expected to achieve disciplined and self-refrained control towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle for users through the daily ceremonial harvest routine.”

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