NODE Modular Sensor System

NODE modular sensor system

You don’t have to be a geek to get it, the NODE Modular Sensor System simply measures things, all sorts of things, and displays the info on your smartphone or tablet. The basic system consists of a Kore—a small, tech-filled tube; get as many as you want—plus apps for Android or iOS. The Kore includes a gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer, the same kind of basic sensors that turn your phone into a compass, or tell it which way is up, plus two LED indicator lights, an audio buzzer, and Bluetooth for wireless hookup. And THEN, you can cap each end with an expanding range of sensors and other devices, to measure temperature, detect gas, send signals like a remote control, act as a flashlight…you get the idea: the possibilities are practically endless. You can use it for everyday things, like a cycling computer, a weather station (the Clima cap measures barometric pressure, wind speed, temperature, and humidity), a remote lamp or signal light, a motion detector, or more scientific applications like detecting radiation or various gases. Successful funding on Kickstarter is closing now, so production should be on shortly: a fine opportunity to embrace and entertain your inner geek!

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