Netatmo Thermostat by Philippe Starck


“Netatmo, an innovation company developing consumer electronics, and Philippe Starck create the smartphone connected Thermostat ; An intelligent Thermostat to control heating remotely and reduce your energy consumption.

‘We see certain fluids, like water.

Invisible, we forget others, the air.


Yet, we depend totally on air; we breathe it, we bath ourselves in it.
All our life.
This fluid, sometimes warm, sometimes cold.

Sometimes, we have to warm it up.

Since the end of the fossil era, this heat, has become a sensitive point.
Every calorie counts, we will count every calorie.

Netatmo, counting, controlling, directing, mastering the calorie with intelligence, intuition, discretion and elegance.
When we love calories, we take care of them.

Thanks to Netatmo, calories can be managed from your pocket. Obvious. Easy.
Though sometimes, we don’t have a pocket, we might love to take a quick look at our calories.

Then, to continue to have proof, I do the minimum.
Nothing, an evocation, a reflection.

Just the simple minimum that transmits the intelligence to the wall or table.
It’s a lot of work to do nothing because what remains should be perfect.’”
Photos: Masaki Okumura.




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