nclud Offices by Wingate Hughes

“Client: nclud principal Kerry Gunther, a leader in creative thought and web design recently hired Wingate Hughes to design their space.

‘Risk takers are attracted to risk takers, and innovators are drawn to innovators. To the entrepreneur personal relationships are paramount. We coined the phrase ‘relationship driven architecture’ to describe our practice’ says Gavin Daniels, Principal, Wingate Hughes.

With clients like Puma, NASDAQ, and The Washington Post, as well as local established names including Opower, Endgame and Politico, nclud required an architecture firm that understands progressive workplace cultures and recognizes the tangible, interactive fabric of creative thought inherent in today’s office.

Goal: Raw feel as comfortable as a well-worn pair of jeans.

Expected: adjustable glare-free lighting, variety of formal and informal meeting spaces, allow for flexible growth, exposed brick, hang space with kegerator and barback cooler, ping-pong table

Unexpected: Wingate Hughes and nclud co-developed a custom benching system enabling addition of future staff without the bothersome reality of table legs and endless cord tangles. We named the system ‘Plane Table’ because of its straightforward plain construction and the planar wood tops elegantly placed on a mill finish steel frame. ‘When we decided the tables would never need to be reconfigured we knew we could bolt them to the floor and get rid of the legs. This wasn’t a lower cost but it was better. It was better in that we were able to get the cords off the floor.

This joint development has lead us into development and licensing the system as a product we market,’ says Gavin Bowie, principal, Wingate Hughes.

Unexpected: a 14-foot mobile media center, designed for ease of moving, can be reconfigured in a variety of ways to accommodate events up to 125 people or small group of 4-6 playing Wii.

Unexpected: Created acoustically viable open-plan system by adding open-cell wood and fabric insulation panels paired with dark cork flooring to reduce reverberation. ‘As I watched the installation of the acoustic panels the space just kept getting more and more quiet!’ says Kerry Gunther.

Unexpected: The room that isn’t there. Kerry Gunther tasked Wingate Hughes with designing a private hideaway for him within nclud. To the average visitor the walls around Kerry’s office are a creative collaboration space finished with chalkboard paint and wood trim.” NCLUD








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