Nate Cupboard by Lisa Berkert Wallard


“Lotta Lampa and Lisa Berkert Wallard, final-year students at the Design Programme at Beckmans College of Design have been selected by the design organisation Tuttobene for the exhibition Work/Shop at Salone del Mobile in Milan. The exhibition Work/Shop is focused on international design talents whose design revolves around sustainability, economy and society.

Lisa Berkert Wallard will exhibit a crochet lamp, inspired by traditional Swedish crafts, and a cupboard, Nate [picture here], in which the design process plays the lead role. The cupboard tells the story of how the process comes to life and affects – and is affected by its environment.

‘More often than not, the idea process required to create something defines its purpose and character more than its appearance. Like the idea of reincarnation, the creative process is a journey where ideas take different forms. It is the story of how our creations come to life and how they affect – and are affected by – their environment.’” Photo: Erik Wåhlstrand



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