Moon Light Installation by SpY

“Installation of moon in first quarter (waxing crescent) with the help of industrial crane. The new lighting transformed the night sky and the plaza below.

The piece was performed as part of the ‘Art and Science’ festival at EPFL University in Lausanne, Switzerland. I was invited to meet the university, and I was able to discover the great things that take place there. I liked to watch the reaction of the students when they came out at night and discovered that the campus was lit with a moon after a day of work.

Moon was installed on an industrial crane for seven days in April. It was turned on only during the night. Sometimes the place suggests an idea to me, and then there are times that a social circumstance prompts me to develop an intervention, other times an idea takes me to a place and other times I simply want to say something and look for the best way to do so.

I try to be receptive to the dialogue with the city that for many years has been the framework where I have expressed and communicated my ideas.

I like to generate reactions with my work, I try to awake and create a more lucid conscience with my interventions. Irony and humor is a way to make the receiver an accomplice, create a dialogue and make one think that the work communicates something with which one identifies. They are small bits of intention that make the person who receives them see their routine as an urbanite hatching.

If the passer-by who sees the piece likes it, they see the work as a romantic act and will take part of the intervention with them.” moon_light_installation_spy_02












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