Milan Design Week Preview: Das Pop Chandelier by Maarten Baas for Lasvit

“With the ‘Das Pop‘ chandelier, Maarten Baas looked toward classic, recognizable shapes, yet with a modern and almost comic twist. Technically it’s a unique joint-venture between two crafts, the classic handblown glass by Lasvit and the clay-covered arms by Baas and his production team from Den Herder Production House. Emphasizing random shapes, it illustrates the personal and non-industrial feel of the product.

In 2006, Maarten Baas launched his Clay Furniture collection. Furniture, covered by hand in industrial clay, the fingerprints still visible, making every object a unique signature piece. A few years later, he further developed the technique with a series, ‘Plain Clay‘, in which the basic clay was colored with pigment. The new chandelier developed by Lasvit was based on this series.

Normally the Clay and Plain Clay series were sold directly to museums, galleries and collectors. The Das Pop chandelier is the result of a unique collaboration between Maarten Baas and Lasvit. Both companies brought craftsmanship to bear in a modern way. The modular components of the chandelier create an opportunity to create variations within the fixed structure.” das_pop_chandelier_maarten_baas_lasvit_2


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