Milan 2011 Preview: Conchiglia Sideboard, Primitivi Table and Aragosta Chair by Studiocharlie


From Studiocharlie:

The sideboard Conchiglia (shell) is inspired by the geometric form of a spiral, which is infinite both in its origin and its development. What we see when we observe a spiral is a portion of it. As it develops it becomes too large to be perceived by the human eye, and in its origin it is too small for us to see the minute details. The sideboard Conchiglia is built on a portion of a spiral. As the geometric form develops, the size of the doors increases, and where the details become invisible at the origin of the spiral there is a void, a concentrated space. The sideboard’s resolute design – its square shape and compact mass – give strength to its presence.

The Primitivi coffee table and stools are designed for collective use, much in the same way tribes in ancient times would gather in circles to perform primitive rituals. Their design brings old symbols to mind: querns, cogs, early stone wheels. They have a monolithic appearance and remind us of massive constructions, volumes balancing on pillars and, at the same time, safely anchored to the ground. The furniture is visually heavy, in contrast with its actual lightness thanks to its being made in aluminium.

Aragosta (lobster) is a solid wood chair produced by Italian manufacturer Billiani 1911. It was named Aragosta because its shape recalls that of the red crustacean: a powerful body, fine legs and antennae. It is a strong chair, gently resting on the ground, on the tips of its tapered legs. The chair is formed by a dense volume, with its thickness focused on the central seating space, balanced by light faceted extremities that refine its shape.

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