Milan 2011: Day 4

Here are a few images from our fourth day in Milan (see Day 1 here, Day 2 here and Day 3 here):

- Loving the work of the RCA students, this is Plastic Gold jewellery by Florie Salnot made with PET bottles and a big dose of talent.

- Ventura Lambrate is a must see! We’re at the Promise Design exhibit, great projects from Israel.

- An interactive light installation by design duo Drift, as you come close the lamp reacts, lighting up in a movement inspired in the flight of birds. Beautiful.

- Ora-Ito and his concept car/sculpture for Citro├źn (see our full post here)

- Best of show so far? Magis! Loved the modular storage system by Zaha Hadid (above right), Starck’s 100% natural chair & the Bouroullecs plywood chair

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