Milan 2011: Day 3

Here are a few images from our third day in Milan (see Day 1 here and Day 2 here):

- Vitra goes outdoors with a sporty strange looking lounger designed by Konstantin Gcric.

- Masters of upholstery Moroso present the Blur sofa by Marc Thorpe, featuring a beautiful textile that goes from white to fluorescent orange (*THE* color of the show)

- At Salone Satellite you can grab an inflatable speech balloon and write on it whatever you want to share with the design crowd. People are walking with statements like “I love pink, I’m sorry” or “I’m who you are looking for”. Fun!

- Walking around Fuori Saloni and feeling observed… yeah maybe Tom Dixon’s fluorescent orange bag is making a big impact this year.

- Fresh air, aperitivo and Daniel Pouzet + Fred Frety’s new pod chair in Dedon’s jungle.

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