Midsummer Night 2012 Urban Bike Apparel Collection by Zsófi Geréby

Urban_legend_2012_ph_MARCELL REV_5

From Urban Legend:

Urban Legend is the first Hungarian fashion label which specializes in urban bike apparel. Applying the features of active performance wear to stylish streetwear, Urban Legend considers the specific needs of urban cyling as organic elements of casual clothing. The label was inspired by the experiences of the designer Zsófi Geréby, an enthusiastic supporter of urban cycling. As a regular Budapest cyclist, she often pondered about the ideal way to dress for biking around the city year-round. Urban Legend thus was born out of personal experience, do-it-yourself craft and openness toward creative solutions.

Combining refined tailoring and the insights of an expert, Urban Legend pieces are designed to appeal to people who use the bicycle as a means of transport on a daily basis. Active performance wear fabrics are crafted into practical sportswear items but due to their sophisticated couture and richness of delicate details they create a new category of attire. Optimized for the requirements of biking, the smart solutions are visible only to insiders and they make day-to-day urban cycling more comfortable, fun and safe.

As the urban cyclist becomes part of the city with the traffic, the garments of Urban Legend also enclose pieces of the city. The clothes contain QR-codes with different urban legends about Budapest. These stories will not only follow cyclists on their way but create a bond between the them and their city to foster a caring and sustainable lifestyle.

The Spring/Summer 2012 Collection fits seamlessly to the previous collections, however, this time the clothes do not have to tackle adverse weather conditions. The protective layers and shells from winter have disappeared and give their way to summer outfits characterized by free motions and vivid materials. The lineup includes light, waterproof cotton skirts, variable length pants and dresses adorned with a reflective belt. Coming in vibrant turquoise, watermelon and mustard colors, the easy-to-mix items are ideal for summer nights.

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