LXVI Collection by Juan Cristóbal Rifo / Bernardita Marambio

“LXVI is inspired by the Louis XVI style, which developed in France in 1770 and was the most representative of the Neo-classical movement. The design and production of furniture strongly reflects living under a social and economic crisis.

LXVI is a construction system that responds to the current needs with quality products at a low cost, with the thought of making a durable product from the beginning.

This collection has 4 basic materials:

– Wood; the structuring material, – Metal, which joins the wood and solves the critical points in the structure. – Cement, which replaces stone and marble for their toughness and resistance as used in the tabletop – Jute, for the flexibility, which it works to back up.

This furniture has the quality to withstand the wear and tear. It also has the easy replacement of parts and pieces, making this furniture durable to be passed down from generation to generation.

This furniture can be repaired without any experience and comes with the promise of a lifetime guarantee.” lxvi_collection_juan_cristobal_rifo_bernardita_marambio_02







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