Ludovica USB-powered Light by Andrea Zanocchi and Carolina Starke

“Designed by Zanocchi & Starke, a young design studio based in Turin (Italy), Ludovica is a perfect light for those who love to read and maintain their books in order with style. It consists of two independent parts: a painted aluminum frame and a removable luminous element in opaque white plastic. When Ludovica holds your books it emits a delicate and diffuse light, when extracted from the base, a beam of light follows you anywhere, lighting up your reading. Ludovica uses LEDs and has a battery with four hours of autonomy. It is powered by a USB cable, allowing light to be transported without wires.” ludovica_usb_powered_light_andrea_zanocchi_carolina_starke_02




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3 thoughts on “Ludovica USB-powered Light by Andrea Zanocchi and Carolina Starke

looks so familiar …. i made a plexi version in ’70.



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