Little Twist Faucet by Sarang Sheth

Don’t want to dirty the tap with dirty hands? Try this faucet located under the spout.


Details: With a faucet design that puts the handle under the water source, using Little Twist keeps the handle clean simply through regular usage. Made of ceramic, shaped to resemble a handle, the faucet also includes an aerator that mixes water with air, ensuring that the water doesn’t splash everywhere.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.





“The Little Twist is a faucet designed to aesthetically tackle the problem people have while operating a faucet with dirty or soapy hands. One needs to wash the handle every time it gets dirty, and constant contact with water leaves hard water stains on most faucets, destroying chrome finishes. This faucet design puts the handle under the water source. Whatever dirt you get on it, washes right off. The handle is even aesthetically shaped to resemble a spout of water.

The handle is made of ceramic, so it doesn’t stain at all and can be cleaned down easily. The faucet has an aerator which mixes water with air, ensuring that the water doesn’t splash anywhere. You will never wash your hands the same way again!”

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